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From no place to showplace!

Plumbing. It is a four letter word to most people. As a plumber, I have been called to many jobs that a home owner saw water and automatically called a plumber. One good one was a leaky roof. I could not help with that problem. Many times we get calls that there is a leak in someone's bath / shower. Because of our expertise in the bathroom remodeling industry we could help, but if the customer called any old plumber, they would have come over to see a leaking tub surround and charged them for a service call, and been on their way. That is no help to a home owner with a problem.
Plumbing truly is a specialized industry. There are plumbers who only do service and repair, there are plumbers who only do remodeling, there are plumbers who only do outside underground sewers and storm drains, and there are plumbers who only work on new construction. In these catagories, there are even sub specialized catagories. For example, new construction. Some plumbers only rough in, some only do the finish work, and some only do the digging and under ground work, inside or outside, residential or commercial, municipal or septic. Get them away from their area of expertise, and they have no idea what's up. Once I did the plumbing work on the new house of another plumber. He was a commercial plumber, and had no idea how to do the plumbing in his own new home. He even commented, "I don't know how you guys do this!" This guy had the same plumbing license as I did, but he did not have the knowledge or skill to plumb his own house! Wow!
At Better Bath & Tile we have three plumbers, all who took a differant path, and have a differant area of experience. Frank has been a service and repair plumber for over 50 years. He has been complimented by plumbers in his own industry. He even had an article written about him in a trade magazine by an old boss stating that he was the best plumber he had ever seen. If something goes wrong in your home plumbing system, from the drain,waste, and vent,and water piping, to the faucets and toilets, he can fix it. If he can't fix it, it can't be fixed.
Frank Jr. spent 12 years working strictly on new construction at some of the biggest names in new plumbing construction in the state. He saw every thing there is in residential plumbing. From multi unit apartments and condos, to new homes, sewer and water services and even installed several septic systems. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in this aspect of the industry.
Dan spent all of his plumbing career at Better Bath & Tile. He has already seen more plumbing work than many plumbers have seen in a life time. Along with doing most of the ceramic tile work, he has worked with Frank and Frank Jr. on a wide variety of plumbing jobs, from repairing faucets and toilets, to doing the complete plumbing job on new homes and condos. There is no plumbing job that Dan has not seen or done.
If you have a plumbing need, Better Bath & Tile has the knowledge and expertise to get it done, get it done right, and in a timely and cost effective manner. We are all licensed, insured, and bonded. Some of the plumbing services we offer are water heater replacement, repair or replace faucets, sinks and toilets, replace or repair new or old water pipe, sump pumps, hose bibs, gas piping, drains, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and many other plumbing related items. Below is a small sample of some of our work.