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Do it yourself, by yourself?

So you want to remodel your kitchen or bath. Maybe you want to do the work yourself, save some money, earn a little sweat equity, and get a sense of accomplishment. Absolutely.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you start?
  • When do I order, or install pieces and parts for my project?
  • What is my time frame? Completion? Down time?


All good questions. Where do you go for the answers? The internet is one place, but can you ask it specific questions and receive the proper answers?  You can right here on our blog!  You could go to a large chain store and talk to some one. What are the chances of finding some one to help you, much less the right some one?


Come to Better Bath and Tile. We work on kitchen and baths all day, every day. We can help you get started, help you manage the project, and help you finish your project, on time and on budget. We give quality, correct advice on the real solutions to your remodeling questions.


Remodeling is hard work, both physically and mentally. Imagine how much harder it would be if you used inferior materials and / or got some bad advice. Either could cost you substantial money, time, or both. In our business, most of the time you get what you pay for. There is usually a reason some materials are less expensive than others. All manufacturers know this, and most have quality products to compete with these lesser quality pricing. How do you know which ones they are? We know.


The best advice for some one doing a project themselves is to know your limits. There are some things you may want to hire out for. If you are doing it yourself, cost is probably the most important factor, but what about time? If you only have one bathroom, and you will be without showering and / or a toilet for a long period of time, how much money will you save compared to inconvienence? That's where we can help also. We can work with you to do as much or as little of the project as you need to get the little boost your project may need.


So, if you have a little of "The tool man" in you, don't be afraid to call for some free advice. A little good advice may go a long way to producing the kitchen or bath of your dreams, in the price and time frame of your dreams. Don't let some so called expert start you down the wrong path and make this project a nightmare, call Better Bath and Tile and talk to the licensed, bonded, insured, and true remodeling professionals to help you get started in the right direction.

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