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Welcome to the Better Bath and Tile web site.

Better Bath and Tile is a family owned business started in 1975, in Milwaukee and surrounding counties,  specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  Every employee is a licensed plumber with the experience and expertice to perform all that is needed to complete any remodeling job with the quality and skill that you expect from the best in the business.  We also perform all plumbing needs from service and repair to complete plumbing jobs on new house projects.

To go along with bathroom remodeling, we also offer custom cabinet making from our in house cabinet shop, along with custom ceramic tile work to complete any project performed by our licensed professionals or the do it yourselfer.  We can help you complete your projects, from quality installation for competitive prices, or quality advice from people who actually do the work on a daily basis.

If you are tired of going to the big chain stores and getting the run around from unqualified help, contact us and talk to the licensed staff. You will get real advice from capable, experienced professionals who will help you complete your projects in a timely and cost conscious manner. 

Why hire Better Bath and Tile  to remodel your bath?


Bathroom remodeling is our specialty.  We have been doing bathroom remodeling in Milwaukee and surrounding counties for over 40 years.  We are skilled at handling complicated projects with special requirements.  Given our years of experiance, there are few projects to which we cannot say " been there, done that!"  Our online showroom, which you can enter by clicking the page here on our website, offers a sampling of the work we can accomplish as well as displaying pictures of the materials and products we use in many of our bathroom projects.  Customers are invited to talk to one of our professionals, at 414-744-6666, to help plan the work to be done and to meet the actual staff who will perform the work in your house. Better Bath and Tile does everything except paint and wallpaper, we have NO SUBCONTRACTORS.  Better Bath and Tile has a company slogan that says "Perform your work like it was your own home.  We won't do anything in your house we wouldn't do our own house."  A typical bathroom project begins on a Monday, and is completed by Friday of the same week.  Care is taken to keep your home clean and functional during the week of work.  Frank, the owner, welcomes your email or phone call.  His personalized customer service and extensive skill form the basis for what promises to be a positive cooperative venture in superior renovation.  We are the best in town, so give us a call or send us an email and we'll prove it.

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What's NEW?!?!

As advances in construction move forward, we find it necessary to move forward also.  As of April 1, 2012, Better Bath and Tile will be closing the retail outlet showroom located on Howell Avenue.  In 1975, when this business opened, there were no big box stores, or national retail outlets.  Family owned retail stores were the only way for consumers to attain their remodeling needs.  That is no longer true.  ALL of the wholesale distributers we use to provide our customers with the quality items we install on a daily basis have new showrooms, displaying ALL of their products, from ceramic tile to plumbing fixtures, which they also did not have in 1975.  We can no longer show the huge amount of options out there for consumers to pick from.  Along with the access we have to these new showrooms, and the advancement of technology and the internet, we will be able to provide our customers all of the services we always have,  with more flexibility and less operational cost, saving our customers the money they need. 


Our business has gone through many transitions over the nearly 40 years we've been here.  This is no different.  We once stocked all the items we sold.  Now there are so many variety of items, outlets to get them from, and vendors from local, national, and even internationally, that this retail showroom is now obsolete.  We look forward to continuing our relationships with our past and future customers, and our new way of helping consumers with their remodeling projects.

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